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Strong Female Protagonist

In my continuing quest for new superhero comics, I stumbled on the Strong Female Protagonist kickstarter. The general description of the comic didn't appeal to me. Mega Girl looked too retro for me. The comic was in black and white. Still I decided to look deeper.

Strong Female Protagonist is a web comic which is another thing I generally avoid. The pace of web comics is just too slow for me generally. The only other web comic I've read a significant amount is Goblins and that is because I purchased the collected books. (I'm still waiting for more Goblin books to be made but that is a different problem.) For Goblins I read a few pages before I purchased the books and that's what I did here.

It didn't take long to realize that the story in Strong Female Protagonist is very strong. It is also very different from your typical superhero comic. She wants to solve problems in the world but has discovered that her invulnerability and strength doesn't help the problems facing much of the world. Instead she gives up crime fighting to try to be a strong force for change in the world.

After reading a few pages, I joined the kickstarter. The writing and artwork of the story is very well done. I'm looking forward to later comics as they switched to color. The collected book also includes a new comic set elsewhere in the Strong Female Protagonist world. Superheroes are relatively new to the world which makes it more believable than the DC, Marvel or Unstoppable Universes. (I always wonder how they can have these superheroes throughout history and not make any differences to our world.) The new comic explores how the new found powers affect India.

I ended up ordering two more copies of the comic for my nieces. Now unfortunately I have to wait for their next collected book.


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