Xwpe Extra Syntax Definitions

Xwpe has syntax highlighting for several programming languages. However, distributing the syntax definition of every language with xwpe would not be useful to majority of users. Also it would slow loading and result in extra memory usage. Instead this web page is intended to make available additional language syntaxes. Feel free to email any additions to Dennis Payne (dulsi@identicalsoftware.com).

How to Use Them: From your web browser save the syntax text to a file. Then add the file to the end of the syntax_def file in either xwpe's system directory or your personal syntax_def in .xwpe. (The installation procedure will likely become easy in the future.)

Note: At present xwpe comes with C, C++, Fortran, Java, and Pascal support. Fortran and Pascal may be moved to this page in the future. Also xwpe's syntax highlighting format is rather limited so even though a language may be listed here it may not be what you expect.

Basic Syntax, by Brian White (linut@squonk.net)
BBX Syntax, by Brian White (linut@squonk.net)
Bourne Shell Syntax, by Colin Smith (colin@melly.europe.dg.com)
Fortran 90 Syntax, by Felix Stohr (stohr@iap.fr)
Free Pascal Syntax, by Edward Popkov (evpopkov@carry.neonet.lv)
HTML Syntax, by Kenn Flynn (flynnk@rpi.edu)
HTML Syntax, by Colin Smith (colin@melly.europe.dg.com)
Latex Syntax, by Felix Stohr (stohr@iap.fr)
Interactive Data Language Syntax, by Felix Stohr (stohr@iap.fr)
Perl Syntax, by Colin Smith (colin@melly.europe.dg.com)
PHP3 Syntax, by Rick (null@acm.org)
Python Syntax, by Mark Loftis (mloftis@lanminds.com)
SQL Syntax, by Fernando Matos (fernandoamg@brfree.com.br)
SmallEiffel Syntax, by Mathias Gumz (mathias.gumz@student.uni-magdeburg.de)
Super Mongo Syntax, by Felix Stohr (stohr@iap.fr)
Tcl/Tk Syntax, by Fernando Matos (fernandoamg@brfree.com.br)