[Troll Bridge]

System Requirements

[Troll and Tux] The Linux version of Troll Bridge has low system requirements and should run well on 486/66 or better. The game can be played from the console or through X Windows. There are two options for X Windows. The first uses the shared memory extension and therefore cannot be displayed remotely. It is further limited to only running in 8 bits per pixel color mode. The second version uses SDL for graphics and input. Although linux supports many architectures, Troll Bridge runs under the intel 86 architecture. Optional joystick support is available.
[Troll and DosFish] The Dos version of Troll Bridge was done very quickly and as such suffers from performance problems. It runs well on a 586/200 or better. DPMI is used and has been found to work under Windows 95 and NT.
Neither version currently supports sounds. Graphics are VGA and therefore should be supported by all graphics cards except for the oldest systems.