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[Inertia Blast Screenshot]

September 19, 2021: Inertia Blast

by Dennis Payne

On the Commodore 64, players enjoyed the game Thrust by Jeremy Smith. I never owned the system nor played the game. When I first installed Linux I stumbled on a remake of Thrust. It was brutally difficult but I enjoyed the game. At the time I ran it under svgalib, an old console graphic system which required root access. Recently I decided to track down this old game.

[Pinball Disc Room Screenshot]

November 9, 2020: Pinball Disc Room

by Dennis Payne

As part of the Disc Room Game Jam, JW released a tutorial on creating a simple Disc Room. To learn more about Godot, I recreated the game. The movement of the player was a little different but otherwise the game was about the same.

During the tutorial, JW explained that the safest area in the room were the corners. To prevent the player from hiding out in the corner, a disc rotated around the walls of the room. I pondered other ways to prevent the players from being in the corners. A tentacle creature which would push you back into the room was considered but I settled on a pinball theme with flippers.

[Smalltrek Screenshot]

July 30, 2020: Smalltrek

by Dennis Payne

To promote adoption of Gamerzilla, I've been spending more time on IRC. Someone on freenode's #gamedev channel mentioned Nim. The discussion wasn't about a game but I wondered if there might be something interesting to look at for Open Game Source.

Several games were suggested to me. The web version of Smalltrek impressed me.

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