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[Shrinkgrowrays Screenshot]

Dec 17, 2017: Shrinkgrowrays

by Dennis Payne

My youngest searched for a mod for Minetest to add the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Needless to say no one had created such a mod. I thought about it and figured I might be able to solve the problem. A simple mistake during development led me to discover how to shrink a monster.

[Viobyte Screenshot]

Oct 23, 2017: Viobyte

by Dennis Payne

Some time ago, I had a Space Invaders keychain which played a monochrome version of the game that was fun. When it broke I purchased a color version of the keychain. It also broke. My youngest thought I should get another one. Last I looked I didn't find anything I liked but I tried again. My search discovered the TinyScreen Video Game Kit.

[Scriptmine Screenshot]

Aug 29, 2017: Scriptmine

by Dennis Payne

My son recently attended a "Coding with Minecraft" at the library. The class didn't explain too much about programming. It was more about exposing them to the idea of what could be done. The class showed them how to run functions to build things.

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