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Char A
1  2  3  4  
Char B
1  2  3  4  
Char C
1  2  3  4  
Char D
1  2  3  4  
Char E
1  2  3  4  
Char F
1  2  3  4  
Char G
1  2  3  4  
Char H
1  2  3  4  
Char I
1  2  3  4  
Effect 1
Effect 2
Line of Sight:
Line of Sight
LoS A:  Corner: LoS B: 
CoCo Map
A1 B1 C1 D1 D2 Movement from last Pin:

This arena is a cylinder of about 80ft radius. Each square is representative of 5ft. The ceiling is 40ft high and the walls are considered to be worked stone of at least 20ft thickness on all sides. The only obstacles of the arena are the pillars. The pillars extend all the way to the ceiling and block LOS. The terrain is considered to be beneficial to any effects that need it, and should be considered regular firm ground when no effects are in place. The Yellow squares are used for the Map Feature of the Week and is only different terrain for level 7 and higher fights. All fights below level 7 should consider these squares to be the same as regular terrain.
Circle: Square:
Opacity:   (range 1-100)
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  • Fill the Name of your gladiators in the Characters section
  • Click the P(ick) button near pin 1 and put it on the map for the starting position
  • Click the P(ick) button near pin 2 (and 3 and 4 if needed) and put it on the map for moving position
  • Repeat this for all your characters
  • Optionally fill the Note for your character
  • Click the Generate button, this loads the image and copy the IMG tag in your clipboard
  • Use C(ancel) button to remove a pin from the map

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