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Bt Builder is an open source implementation of the Bard's Tale Construction Set. The eventual goal is to make a game builder that can implement the three main Bard's Tale games in addition to Construction Set games. Other possible extensions include Wasteland and Dragon Wars. The editor file formats and custom pictures have been deciphered. At current we do not intend to decipher all file formats instead a new free collection of graphics and sounds will be included with the game. The game interface is fairly usable at the moment. The eidtor is usable but not very user friendly. Some elements are not editable from the UI yet.

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Bt Builder 0.5.9 (source tar & gzipped)

SDL_mng library 0.2.5 (source tar & gzipped)

Bt Builder 0.5.9 (Windows build)

Non-GPL Images for Bt Builder

Recent News

July 12, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.9 released. PocketCHIP fix. Street names can be added but are not visible in the editor. 'b' clears a street name from the current square. 'n' allows you to select the street name or create a new one. 'm' sets the current square to the last used street name. When the game finds street names it prints "You are on >streetname< facing >direction<." when you press '?'. New images have been added. The die roll for encounters can be adjusted. This allows you to have a chance for encounters of less thant 1 percent. Upgraded to SDL2.

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